A Good Use for Plastic

22 Jul

Plastic for Good

This is a fun, powerful and inspiring video clip (with great music as well) about THE HIPPO WATER ROLLER, made of plastic, a barrel-shaped container which holds 24 gallons of water and rolls along the ground.  The plastic roller  facilitates access to freshwater for people who have to travel long distances to get to it.  I love simple technology, simple solutions and education that makes the world less complicated and offers time and opportunity for those who don’t usually get much of either.

Hippo Roller vs Traditional Water Carrying

Hippo Relief Image Source - Imvubu Projects

The name “Hippo” references the huge African animal threatened by loss of access to fresh water.

Sometimes plastic has a good use, as mentioned in TreeHugger’s recent article on prioritizing the use of plastics.  I agree the “Hippo” is definitely one of the most appropriate uses for plastic.  The barrel lasts forever (in this case you want it to) and radically reduces the workload of African women and children who sometimes have to travel miles, often over rough terrain, to obtain fresh water. This plastic device empowers them, changes their lives, and reduces their suffering.

Without this simple tool, traditional African methods of collecting water rely on carrying heavy 5 gallon buckets on their heads, straining the spine and body and increasing the risk of physical injury.

Sometimes its the simplest technology that makes the biggest difference and can change peoples’ lives.  Even if its plastic!

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  1. Summer Strickler July 16, 2013 at 8:19 am #

    this video is truly amazing and is inspiring

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