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Innovation in Building Green with LACCD

30 Mar

$6 billion dollars to spend on building and they’re doing it green I attended a U.S. Green Building Council-Inland Empire meeting at the Frontier Project (a green demonstration building at CVWD) in Rancho Cucamonga last Thursday night.  The guest speaker was an innovative out of the box thinker and doer named Larry H. Eisenberg, the […]

Top Ten U.S. Cities With the Most Green Buildings

23 Mar

Green Buildings EPA Style The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) just announced its 2009 list of American cities with the most energy efficient buildings that earned Energy Star Certification in 2009.  Though the sprawling City of Los Angeles doesn’t make the top 25 list on most, or any for that matter, green cities lists, the […]

How is the NCAA Tournament Green

19 Mar

NCAA Tournament Beneficial and Green The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament lost some of its green factor when Notre Dame was squeaked out in the first round, which makes most Americans either very happy or devastated.   That aside, and before I get to the green portion of this article,  it should also be noted that the […]

A Day in the Life of a Peace Corps Volunteer

17 Mar

Since National Peace Corps Day was recently upon us I thought I would write a little about my experience in Uruguay, although one small post won’t and can’t come close to capturing even a snippet of the adventure.  I was a Natural Resources Volunteer sent to a small town in Uruguay (Tarariras) to help with […]

Simplicity in Challenging Times – Top Ten Simple Ways to Save & Be Green

3 Mar

Top ten simple ways to save money and be green.

The One Piece of Trash Theory

12 Sep

Photo Courtesy of Poolie CC BY 2.0 A Word About Trash   When I was living in Uruguay, South America a few years back, trash day for the average household in my town usually consisted of one plastic grocery bag full or so.  Re-use was big, recycling was small, and there was virtually little to […]