Please Support the 5th Annual Believe Walk

2 Sep

Believe Walk On Sunday, October 7, 2012, Stater Bros. Charities and Inland Women Fighting Cancer are teaming up to present the 5th Annual Believe Walk in the historic district of Redlands.  BELIEVE – INSPIRATION – MIRACLE – HOPE – TRANSFORMATION – COURAGE! Also see Bark & Believe, the dogs are supporting the event as well […]

The Children Spoke Green – Have we Heard?

16 Dec

Speaking for the children of the world, Severn Suzuki’s profound address to the Plenary Session of the Earth Summit in Rio Centro, Brazil in 1992 reverberates today even more than it did eighteen years ago.  In fact, there hasn’t been much, if any, forward progress worldwide.  People are still starving to death, the environment is […]

Auto Evolution – Sex, Speed, Freedom and PZEV

11 Nov

What is a PZEV and why would you want it? The auto industry has perennially been at the forefront of marketing – selling sex, speed and freedom. And we are all 0ver it, we love our cars, the freedom it allows us, our teenage make out sessions in Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend […]

Top Five Green Bands

29 Oct

Why are Green Bands Important? Music has a profound effect on people of all ages and permeates our every day lives from leisurely listening to TV shows, movies, commercials and parties (of all sorts).  Our fondest memories are tied to songs and eras of music that create in us waves of emotions and nostalgia every […]

California Prop 23 – Why You Should Vote NO

15 Oct

It doesn’t matter if you believe in global warming or not. It doesn’t matter if you are conservative, liberal, libertarian, moderate, own a business, go to school, a parent, not a parent, jobless, homeless, black, white, brown, yellow, green… it doesn’t matter. If you believe in clean air, clean water, better paying and new jobs, […]

Carbon Neutral CO2 Fuel? (VIDEO)

23 Sep

New technologies such as this one out of Palo Alto are finding ways to “reverse the combustion” by turning carbon dioxide (a major player in the green house gas arena) into a carbon neutral fuel.  Out of adversity comes ingenuity, especially in California, where AB32, a bipartisan approved landmark clean energy bill that many hoped […]